A few clips from my time as a journalist and author:

Greece: Instructions for Use

Illustrata Press, July 2009

A pocket-sized guide and phrase book focusing on the practicalities of traveling in Greece, it’s ideal for independent travelers, cruise ship passengers, students abroad, businessmen and new residents who need help with navigating the how and why. It’s a book I’ve always wanted to write.

With Greece, don’t believe the fights

The Guardian, May 4, 2010

On the eve of Parliament passing the harshest austerity measures to date, I explain that there are two distinct groups at protests — one is largely peaceful; the other, a fringe of hooded rioters. The next day three people are killed when hooded youth firebomb Marfin Bank, after which there is a sobering societal shift. The Economist and NY Times publish stories based my front-page commentary.

Greece is reaping what it has sown

The Guardian, March 5, 2010

In the early stages of recession, Greeks claim there is no crisis and brag about working to live, evading taxes and destabilizing the eurozone. Yet they wonder why everyone is picking on them.

The Lost Labyrinth

HarperCollins UK, October 2009

Author Will Adams enlists me to consult on his best-selling archaeological thriller, correct cultural errors and provide insight on local color and the texture of everyday life in Greece.

Greece’s ET closes, Athens journalists strike

Editor & Publisher, June 23, 2009

Eleftheros Typos shuts down after 26 years, citing continued losses and poor industry outlook. The E&P article is based on, “Greece says goodbye to Eleftheros Typos.” Award-winning ET was the first Greek newspaper to mention my website in August 2007.

REGINE: Regularisations in Europe

ICMPD, January 2009

Drawing on 10 years experience with Greek bureaucracy and immigration law, I assist author Martin Baldwin-Edwards with copyediting the manuscript and contribute data and first-hand details on residence/work permits.

Our supermarkets are more expensive than Hollywood

Kathimerini, December 13, 2008

My “Greece vs. USA price comparison” and all its tables are translated to Greek with permission, then featured on a full page in the Sunday edition. Affiliate SKAI also presents the story on TV and its website. Company representatives attempt to bribe me with free products to remove the article.

Athenian democracy in ruins

The Guardian, December 8, 2008

The worst riots since 1974 begin in Athens and spread to cities around the country, sparked by the shooting of a teenage boy. Government scandals, cronyism and corruption contribute to growing discontent, but Greece’s citizens are complicit. It is translated to Greek by Kathimerini, and I am quoted in Eleftherotypia, Ta Nea, The Atlantic and Washington Post.

The flame blame game

The Guardian, August 29, 2007

Wildfires kill 68 people, burn 4,000 homes and ravage 178,000 hectares of forests. Greece blames arsonists, foreign invaders and terrorists, even though it is an annual occurrence. Whose fault is it?

Fertility Wisdom

Rodale, September 5, 2006

In her Amazon.com bestseller, Dr. Angela Wu shares the groundbreaking fertility program she developed to help couples and single women successfully conceive and give birth to healthy babies. I use my journalism and holistic health background to make editorial recommendations on the final manuscript.

Kos, a floating gem

Neptune, Summer 2004

Lively and tranquil, empty and overflowing, athletic and therapeutic, modern and ancient, the island of Hippocrates is all of these things. An Aegean jewel. Neptune is a niche magazine commissioned by the five-star Neptune Resort & Spa.

German archaeologists in Greece

Neptune, Summer 2004

Highlighting their contribution to preserving Greece’s glorious past, German archaeologists get deserved recognition for helping this country discover itself anew and maintain its immortality. *Also published in the Hotel Grande Bretagne‘s luxury magazine.

Best of the Bay 1997

San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 30, 1997

Progressive and irreverent, the annual Best of the Bay is a guide to everything from burritos and food festivals to drag queens and strip clubs.  As part of a three-person team, I brainstorm, research and write A-Z listings that help readers find every photo booth in the city, where to buy 5-foot teddy bears and vendors that sell falafel after midnight.

City College showdown: Did trustees loot student funds? Verdict soon

San Francisco Bay Guardian, June 18, 1997

My first investigative article uncovers embezzlement of bookstore funds by the board of trustees and secures pro bono representation for students, who recover $2.5 million. The verdict has a ripple effect, revealing retaliatory hiring practices and blocked contracts.