Being an editor, writer and communicator is not a job or a career. It’s a calling. Energized by a fast-paced environment, I offer tech skills, international experience and a full range of editorial services.


I shepherd, organize and package multimedia, overseeing quality at every stage of production.

• Copyedit
From simple corrections to complex revisions, I vet and polish with a view to preserving the writer’s original voice, following AP, Chicago or an in-house style. Web headlines are succinct and SEO friendly.

• Proofread
Acting as the last set of eyes, I read for typos and punctuation, plus irregular typography, color and formatting, either on screen or on hard-copy proofs.

• Curate
News judgment sorts the wheat from chaff, with a nose for plagiarism and copyright issues, then I select the best and most relevant information and graphics.


I craft copy from ‘blank-page’ ideas or an assignment with specs, understanding the nuances of language and adapting my voice to a brand, tone and message.

Experience producing sales proposals in response to RFPs, e-commerce product descriptions, reference manuals, user guides, breaking news articles, magazine features, donor and fundraising assets, press releases, newsletters, CEO/CFO communications, white papers, business briefs, Wikis, text for audio/visual presentations, book manuscripts, marcom deliverables and support emails.


I forge relationships and build trust with colleagues and clients by listening, deciphering inaudible language and communicating in a sensitive but timely, no-frills manner. My interviewing skills and 15 years experience in 36 countries make it possible to liaise with diverse people at all levels, using a sense of humor when appropriate, while respecting local, religious and cultural protocol.


There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities. I root out the core issue and know where to look for answers, what questions to ask and how to follow through, be resourceful and be creative.


Success requires focus, planning and action. I gather and distill research, know my audience, analyze demands, compile and execute a strategy, then monitor trends/results and respond to evolving needs.


Eager to create excitement about a product, service or cause.

Manage Digital Media

Visual storytelling, publishing and content management with WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Magento, OpenCart or enterprise software. An adept user of LinkedIn, Twitter, HootSuite, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, I build online reputations and communities by adding value.


I can hand-code HTML and basic XML without the WYSIWYG toolbar; am familiar with and attend ongoing classes for CSS and JavaScript; and completed CS101 at Stanford University.