Working Together

Are you taking freelance/part-time work? Is it possible to collaborate?

Thanks for asking! Not at this time. I started a full-time position working with AI/ML at IBM in January 2021, and the remainder of time is devoted to community volunteering and personal projects.


How can I make contact?

Paid professional inquiries, see “Contact.”

All queries pertaining to Greece must follow instructions detailed at “Comments, Questions and Contacting Me.” If you came here from the Living in Greece website looking for a way around, I will again state that there are limits on my unpaid time.

Why don’t you list your email?

Too much spam. Too many people asking questions already answered at or seeking advice and consultation beyond the 300+ articles I offer for free.

Do you have a Facebook page?

I do, but:
— my personal page has been deactivated since 2018.
— the Living in Greece page is reserved but inactive.

Why don’t you list your address or phone number?

It was a joint decision made with people closest to me when my Greece website gained notoriety and I wrote for The Guardian, after which there was a spike in death threats, anti-American sentiment, online harassment and stalkers. I have thick skin, but I need to safeguard friends and family.


Can you promote my website, product, start-up, event, business, cause?

I select what to promote based on an affinity and first-hand experience. There are no ads on my website or Twitter feed on purpose.


May I use photos from your website?

Thank you for your interest, but no. Photos and scans of postcards/mementos are from personal journals, and I prefer that they remain for my use only.

Why are there no photos of you, your friends or family?

For reasons of privacy. I love technology and networking, but I still live 99 percent of my life offline.