lisbonIt started with a taxi driver, confused roosters and no elevators. It ended with mosaics, the castro and 50+ food options, making the city both photogenic and flavorful. At sunrise I’m reminded of life’s goodness, and at sunset the limits of both health and heart.

The good: Ginja, gelato, seaside town of vibrant color and warm people, 24/7 view of the castro, and Cervejaria Ramiro. The challenging: Ten flights of stairs, funny gummis, rain for 3 weeks, bugs, no oven. The surprising: Kindness of Lisbonmatticians, an Uber driver, CUF, Flamengo cheese, mango sushi, ย Yellow Bus Tagus tour, how crazy far I can walk in one day, and how many pasteis de nata I can eat.

Add to that a dance with death and a surprise giant tiger prawn allergy, and I’m happy to be alive. Remember that time I almost died? Good times. See you again soon, Lisboa.