This has been the happiest period of my life, and yet perfection evolves.

A lot of life lessons learned on trips across Vienna, Dublin, Berlin, then landing in Stockholm to soak it in and realize more happened behind my back.

What I know:

– Few colleagues are true friends. Most are not, something L warned me about.

– Bridges can be built if two people are open to possibility.

– Living in a house with a lot of men was exactly what I thought and less.

– Whiskey is complex, like wine. And life.

– Four weeks of work-related travel is too intense and taxing.

What I didn’t know:

– Breaking unwritten, unspoken rules can result in grounds for termination. Nice transparency.

– Fewer people on my team like me than I thought.

– People who avoid confrontation are ___ .

– I need to manage emotions better. A stone-cold demeanor confuses and is needed, as I find myself in strange/unknown situations that no one else experiences.

Beyond these lessons is my life.

– A beach house

– My friends

– Travel

– A man?

– A ___ I still love but will one day sacrifice